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Frequently Asked

What is Stew.com?

Stew.com is a super-primer domain that has been held in cold-storage for over 25 years. This page is here to make sure you know the domain is going up for auction for the first time ever. For a starting bid of 2BTC, you can own this domain.

How do I get ownership of Stew.com?

The domain is transferred to you, at your own registrar of choice. We can suggest a couple. The Escrow process at 48hr.com receives the payment directly, verifies the bitcoin payment after 5-7 block confirmations, and notifies the seller to fast-transfer the domain to you. With bitcoin, we can accomplish this within 2-hours regardless of sale price.

Do you only accept Bitcoin?

That is correct, 48hr.com is a bitcoin denominated auction house for domain names. We only work with bitcoin.

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